Beverly Hills Martinique, Master Bedroom- ORC Week 3

Phew! Why are these weeks flying by so quickly?! I feel like I got a lot done, but then I looked at my punch list a realized that I’m pretty far behind from where I want to be but, I am happy with the overall progress I made this week so far. Week 1 |  […]

Beverly Hills Martinique, Master Bedroom- ORC Week 2

It’s week 2, and I wish I had something more to post for this week but the reality is, I spent the majority of it was spent cleaning. Literally cleaning our Master (dumping ground) bedroom. All. WEEK. LONG! It had become a place where anything random went and it was probably one of the biggest […]

Beverly Hills Martinique, Master Bedroom- ORC Week 1

This is so exciting! This project, it’s been one that I’ve been putting off for a while. I never, ever really think about our master bedroom. To be honest, it’s a pretty small space (Florida ranch home), but we’re lucky to have our own bathroom off of the master (which is a rarity for these […]

Beach Cruiser & Trike Bike

Recently I was approached by a client in West Palm beach, asking me if I could “Lilly-fy” her bike after she had seen one I had painted for my daughter. I realized that I had never even done a blog post about my daughter’s bike, so here we are, excited to share both bikes with […]

Simple Toy Remake

My little on’es birthday is right around the corner and I wanted to show you all this quick little D.I.Y. I did for her, that only cost me about $15.00! She’s been slightly obsessed with anything “baby” and I think because she’s not the littlest grandchild anymore and she’s been around her baby cousin. So […]

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