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D. I. Y. Dress-Up

This year for the holidays, I wanted to gift our daughter something she could actually use.She loves to play dress-up and this little- D.I.Y. was so inexpensive and perfect. Its great for any child, because its so customizable. Every little one loves dress up!  Materials; Wood “shelf” (Mine is 3ft, and cost around $4.00) 1.5 […]

Deisgner “Gift Wrap”.

Hello everyone! I hope everything is going fantastic with you all! This week I’ve been busy with last minute shopping and gift wrapping and I thought a post about what you can wrap your presents with this year would be a great idea! People are always expecting really creative things from me, so why not start with […]

Halloween Costume-Peacock Style

  It’s that time of year again- when I try and figure out what I’m going to dress our daughter up as for Halloween! This year we decided to do a peacock costume. I wanted something that wouldn’t be too heavy for her & something that she could easily run around in- because let’s face it- […]

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