Summertime Wedding Table - Watercolor Sketches by CCuriosity
Summertime Wedding Breakfast Table – Watercolor Sketchs

This is the inspired sketch for the Summertime WEdding Breakfast shoot. I love the idea of using colors that were complimentary of the water here on the Gulf.

This is the outcome of the shoot, and I think it turned out beautiful. Sometimes I change my mind, from conception to the final piece. I wanted to make the table-scapes a little more rustic by using benches instead of the chairs in the initial drawing. I loved the idea of having a breakfast wedding with fresh blueberries for the guests to graze upon. Instead of typical seating charts, we went with hand-painted orange leaves. Simple and elegant. The love the idea of overlapping different elements like; linen, lace and ribbon.  Doing this made the entire table look stunning!

Summertime Wedding Breakfast Table at Caye Pointe Villas
Summertime Breakfast Wedding Table

These are the sketches for some of the other wedding elements. We wanted to have a waffle wedding cake with roses and berries, as well as a berry bar with fresh whipped cream for guests.

Beach Breakfast Wedding - Watercolor Sketch - C.Curiosity

Here is a beautiful shot of the berry bar station. There berries and dessert would be continually filled for guests, in order to avoid a cluttered table and to assure the whipped cream and berries were nice and fresh! Berry Bar Kart - Beach Breakfast Wedding Decor

This is an up close shot of the Breakfast wedding “cake”. I just LOVE the idea in incorporating fresh roses, fruit and cream. And of course, the pitcher is filled with pure maple syrup! Yummm!

Waffle & Roses - Breakfast Wedding Cake

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