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Today is the day! The final reveal of the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE!! We went from Grungy Garage to a glamorous studio in only 6 weeks!! This really was so much fun to participate in. I’m so glad I was able to use this challenge to get our garage finished and also have a place for me to work! Everything always seems to take a backseat lately when it comes to things for myself, especially as a mom, so it feels extra special to have a space that I can call my own!  Are you ready?

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 Here it is….

Let’s start to break it down! Along the right side of the room, I created storage using two different dressers. They house tools, paper, and books. Even though they differ in style, painting them the same color helps them to coordinate within the space.

I put a tracking system that can be used to hang my many pieces of Artwork. As a painter and designer, I need areas that can be used for many purposes.

I used a vintage metal bin to house my fabrics and hung my baskets on the wall to create a focal point. I like to use natural elements in all of my designs. This space was no exception.

Let’s not forget about the mural and pegboard along the back wall of the room!

I love how this area came out. Organization is key. As mentioned in last weeks posts, I sketched out what I wanted where, and made sure I had the propper pegboard hooks to achieve what I needed. I finished it by using some simple molding, painting it white and using it to frame out the pegboard.

Finally, I used the same color paint used on the dressers to design a whimsical inspired painting. I created different shades of paint by adding just white or black to the original blue. I really think something painted organic like this really brings the room together.

On the same wall, I used a horizontal piece of wood with wooden pegs that hold my larger canvases. I have my D.I.Y designer corkboard (check out week 4), weekly planner & whiteboard.

I love to create watercolors, hand lettering, & quick design sketches, so having a place where my two-year-old can’t mess with anything was essential. I used this vintage enamel top table that can be cleaned really easily as my main workstation. I have a vintage black tufted club chair and a rolling black velvet chair adorned with Tommy Bahama palm leaf fabric pillows.

Along the same side of the room as the large window, I organized all of my storage bins, props & artwork essentials. I cleaned out a lot of items, only keeping what I used the most. Labeling everything helps me find it easier and also put it away when I’m not using it!

Lastly, I wanted to create a fun statement piece for the “lighting” in the room. I handmade each tassel, dyed them and hung them from embroidery hoops. because this light fixture is hooked up to my garage door opener, I couldn’t take the pendant part down, I had to use it and create something around it.  I’ll be posting a D.I.Y tutorial on that soon! It didn’t take that long, and didn’t cost me anything, as I already had the materials on hand!

I really do love this space and I’m thrilled with how it turned out! Let’s not forget to mention the flooring (week three). I love how it looks like water! It was fun being adventurous about this project because I had never seen anyone really do it the way I have, and I think it looks really neat!

Can you believe this is my glamorous garage studio?!? And, the best part about it is the only items I had to purchase were the floor paint, shelving, bins and a few dowel rods and hooks!

Here is a quick look at my design board, I love seeing it come full circle! What a wild and exciting ride this was!

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I can’t wait to see what all of the other participants have done this week! Check them all out here!







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