If you’ve been following along with me for a while, you would probably notice a few key elements in my design making. I’m always looking at ways to up-cycle stuff, and figure out how can I make it fit into my personal coastal aesthetic.

I had been casually looking at used Power-Wheel Jeeps for our daughter and I also love the laid-back coastal vibe of Lilly Pulitzer. If you an avid follower of Lilly Pulitzer you would know that they have several Jeep Wranglers that they wrap in signature patterns. Its a fun, cute, way for them to brand themselves, but I realized- why hasn’t there been any Lilly-Pulitzer Jeeps for kids?! So, that’s how I decided I was going to figure out how to create a jeep for our daughter that was not only as close to free as possible, but also convey that fun-loving coastal feel that Lilly Pulitzer always conveys. This was her big gift for Christmas this year!

The Process

First, I scoured the internet for a good deal on a used Power Wheel Jeep (12 Volt). We wanted to find one she can grow into, so the Jeep seemed like the best fit. I also wanted to know that the tires, battery, and charger were in good working order, and even with that said, replacement parts are super cheap for these. I found this Ninja Turtle Jeep and knew it was perfect for what I wanted to create. I loved the colors and could see the potential.

We settled on $50.00, put it in the back of my jeep, and started brainstorming.

I wanted to use the vibrant greens in my pattern, I also wanted to make sure the paint would stay. So after a ton of research, this is what i came up with.


First, Clean. Then Clean, and clean some more. You need to remove any old stickers, dirt, and dust before any type of painting can be done. I used goo-be-gone ( I love this stuff) its about $3.00 from your local hardware store.

Next, LIGHTLY sand the plastic. No need for anything fancy. Just use you lightest grit sandpaper. You want the paint to stick and the plastic on the jeep exterior is super smooth.

Now you Paint! I went right for it. I used acrylic paint and started with the hood of the car, and continued to the frame. You could always use a paint pen or even some chalk if you wanted to outline your design. Painting this took me about 3 hours; if you aren’t experienced at painting, you can even stencil a design, do a simple pattern, or enlist a friend. Just allow yourself some time and go slow.

After you are finished painting, Let it completely dry. I let the jeep dry overnight in my garage studio.

Lastly, I used this amazing product made by Krylon called Fusion for plastic. I used the clear gloss and this stuff is awesome! I sprayed about three coasts everywhere that I painted. It covered smooth and the design part isn’t going anywhere! I can’t attest if this is good in the rain, we plan on keeping her Jeep in the garage, but I can tell you that it really fused the acrylic paint to the Jeep.

I just love how this came out. If you’re in the Tampa Bay area and see us strolling along please stop and say hello! Or if you would like some help with a Jeep of your own I would love to help you out!

What do you guys think? What kind of design would you paint on your kids car? Tell me about it and let me know how it came out!

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