I never thought the day would come when my little bambino would finally turn one. I had planned her birthday for months in my head, so when the time came to finally start crafting I was ready! Our daughter is now already a year older so I figured it’s better than never to show you all of the crafts that almost didn’t exist because a hurricane was headed straight to our house!!

I knew I wanted something tropical for her first birthday. I chose a color palette and pretty much stuck to it. Pinks, Peaches, and greens!  

Because I did SOOOO many DIY’S for her first birthday, I’m going to show you how to do all of the backdrops today but I’ll really go into detail about some of the smaller projects like her handmade flamingo cake topper, water- bottles, & accent pieces in another few DIY posts later on.

If you’ve wanted to do a fun accent wall with balloons, here is what you’ll need. **You also need some packing to get started-which isn’t pictured.



After I picked the balloons that coordinate with my color pallet, I blew them up, varying in sizes. You don’t want all of the balloons to be the same size because it won’t all fit together. And, if you’re anything like me, you will pop a few, and then blow up some more to fit into the random spaces that will occur.


Once I had my balloons blown up, I cut the chicken wire and bent it into an organic wavy like shape. I used some nails on my wall and hung it on that. I made my balloon wall to go around a frame that I was putting some hand lettering in later on. I played with the shape a little more until I felt like it was even. If you don’t like the idea of using nails, you can always buy those sticky hooks!


I then used the packing tape, making almost like tail, sticking it to the balloons, and then feeling it through the wire. Do this with your biggest balloons first.

In the picture below, I used my LOW-Temperature glue gun to fill in all of the areas. Again, make sure you have varying sizes.

Finally, when I felt that it was finished, I added to tropical leaves, and flowers to really finish it off! I think it came out great and everyone at the party thought it looked so neat!

For the Green Leaf Backdrop, here is what you need;



On your construction paper, draw the basic outline of a leaf. I drew basic outlines shapes like these for the leaves. Make sure you vary in size and shape of the paper leaves. Also, make sure you use different shades of paper. 

Next, Cut out the leaves. Remember they are an organic shape so its okay if it’s not perfect.

Last, I layered the leaves, similar to the picture below, taping them to one another. I wanted to create almost a valance of leaves, to go above the table where the food would sit!

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