This was such an easy and fun craft. I live at the beach in Florida, and I am an avid shell collector. This past weekend, I decided to collect these white shells and see what I could make out of them. When I was younger, I remember helping my mother collect scallop shells off of the coast of cape cod, and we ended up doing something very similar. I actually think I still like hers better because the shells are just a tad bit larger, but it still works and looks great!

Let’s get started!


You’ll need,

shells- in similar sizes

Hot glue


Strand of lights


This project is really really easy, start by matching your shells together. they need to be about the same size but it’s inevitable if they vary!

Next, hold the shells open using your finger and hot glue along the back. They will stay open, just wait about 15 seconds for the glue to cool.

Finally, place the opening over each light in our garland.

Step back and admire your beautiful work! Now get out there and start collecting some shells! I can’t wait to see what types of shells you all use! Tell me about it! In the meantime follow us on Instagram to see out lasts on Christmas decor!

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