When we found out we were pregnant a few years ago, I immediately started thinking of the nursey. I knew I didn’t want anything with the typical pinks or blue; and then when we found out it was a girl I knew exactly the direction I wanted to take the room in. I can’t beleive I’m finally posting her nursey now; because soon we’ll be doing another one room challenge where I’ll be showing you her little girl room transformation; but what can I say, better now than never!

Like every room design, I start with my color pallet, pull in my fabrics and then finishing touches. I add everything to a design board and go from there!

I knew I wanted to keep most of the walls a nice bright gloss white (easier to clean). I used the wall with the large window as an accent wall and had already painted stripes which you can view on the post here. I also knew I wanted the larger pieces of furniture to be white as well; that way it made the space seem larger. I have an antique rocking chair that belonged to my great grandmother that we had reupholstered in a light blue check fabric. The shape of the chair is similar to the one in the design board.

I found some really great Tommy Bahama banana leaf fabric pillows and footrest on Etsy trimmed in a hot pink.

I also hand crafted a mobile, using the same shade of pink from the pillows; I’ll make a blog post soon about how I created it!

The crib was angled in the corner of the room, on the same side of the room as the chair. It really helped to anchor the space . I added a super fuzzy white rug, some lined white blackout curtains and greenery. I read that having a real non-toxic plant in a child’s room helps filter the air and may even prevent things like asthma!

On the opposing side of the room, I placed the larger dresser. And also used it as her changing table (we made sure to secure it as per the directions) which isn’t pictured here. I purchased her monogram from an Etsy shop and the cute fish hamper was purchased from pottery barn kids.

I’m anxious to see how it’s going to look once I change up the space a bit!

Tell me, how did you decorate your nursey?? What it something that came together at the last minute or did you really think about every element?

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Until next time; Happy Creating!!

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