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I FINALLY finished the mural!! It’s not that it was hard or anything and really took me about 4 ish hours, but just doing it in my toddler’s room, with all of her belongings and trying to organize my time was a big part of the problem. I also finished painting the bed and it also looks great! All of the main pieces are in place and now comes the fun part! 

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The Mural

So I really didn’t need to do that much work to create the mural in her room; or so I thought. All of the walls were already painted a semi-gloss white (chalk white by Benjamin Moore). This particular white is my favorite because its got a cool undertone to it. Meaning the base is usually more in the blue or grey family, compared to whites that have a warm undertone, meaning the base has more of a yellow tint to it. I really thinks its more of a preference, BUT certain whites can make a space look smaller, while others make them feel larger.

The one wall that did give me some issues was the wall with the stripes. I remember painstakingly HAND PAINTING these suckers on and boy it was tricky-did I mention the walls are textured?

Soo… I painted them with primer, then I painted it again, and AGAIN, and AGAIN until I painted it AGAIN!!! Seriously I had to paint the wall 5 times. Why you ask? Because I was silly and went to a little store down the street, instead of going to my favorite paint store, getting my favorite brand all to “save time”. All I really did was waste about 5 hours. I purchased a half gallon of white and used the ENTIRE thing. I FINALLY smartened up and purchased the correct brand of paint I know and love and it worked like a charm!

Now I was finally able to start the mural. This mural was fun, because it was really loose, impressionistic style, and it covered little areas all of the walls. Take a sneak-peak below! I don’t want to give away everything now, so you’ll have to come back next week!

The Rattan Bed

I was also able to finish her bed this week! It came out fantastic! I decided on a clean crisp white, so it wouldn’t look so big in the room. I feel that it really blends in more now, creating the illusion of a bigger space.

I’m getting really excited about seeing it all come together! I can’t wait to show you next week’s post!!

I love seeing what everyone else is up too! Make sure to check out what the other participants are up to here! And give them a little encouragement too!

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Have a great week!

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