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Halloween Costume-Peacock Style

  It’s that time of year again- when I try and figure out what I’m going to dress our daughter up as for Halloween! This year we decided to do a peacock costume. I wanted something that wouldn’t be too heavy for her & something that she could easily run around in- because let’s face it- […]

D. I .Y Sand-dollar Chandelier

Hi everyone! I posted pictures of my sand-dollar chandelier a long long time ago, so I wanted to give you the rundown on how I made it! It wasn’t hard at all. When we moved into our ranch beach house, things were outdated. Budget constraints meant that I couldn’t replace everything all at once but It did mean […]

“Fall ” In Love with Coastal Design

I’m like a lot of others who long for fall when the weather changes and you feel that cool breeze in the air. Growing up in Connecticut I definitely took advantage of the fall foliage and did all of the apple and pumpkin pickings and leaf gazing that I could. For about 10 years I lived in the Carolinas, where […]

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